Standard Conductive Slip Ring Perforated Conductive Ring

Standard Conductive Slip Ring Perforated Conductive Ring The slip ring is divided into a stator and a rotor, which are used for fixing on rotating equipment. In some cases, it is difficult to ensure concentricity between the rotor and the stator during installation. It is recommended to use four set screws to fix it on the rotating shaft. The pin at the static end of the equipment is inserted The anti-rotation plate is enough. Never forcibly fix the anti-rotation plate, otherwise the conductive slip ring will be damaged or the service life of the pre-sale will not be reached. Precautions for installing slip ring: Do not use the sliding ring body for load bearing, and the ring body wire cannot be subjected to external tension. When installing the slip ring, be sure to protect the wire to prevent the wire insulation from damaging the product and affecting the quality.  Oubaibo has been committed to the development and manufacture of high-quality slip rings fo…

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