Strong Resolution Refrigerator LCD Liquid Crystal Display

Strong Resolution Refrigerator LCD Liquid Crystal Display LCD liquid crystal display for home use high resolution high bright, clear and exquisite. Refrigerator LCD liquid Crystal display is a kind of Refrigerator. Liquid crystal is a kind of organic compound between solid and liquid state. At room temperature, it shows both liquid fluidity and crystal optical anisotropy. When heated, it will become transparent liquid, and when cooled, it will become crystalline turbidized solid. Response Fast Remote LCD Monitor has the following four features: (1) Thin body, save space, compared with the bulky CRT display, LCD as long as the former one-third of the space; (2) Save electricity, do not produce high temperature, it belongs to low power consumption products, compared with CRT display can be completely not hot; (3) no radiation, conducive to health, LCD is completely radiation free; (4) The picture is soft and does not hurt the eyes. Di…

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